"Songs for Anchorage" by Medium Build - White Label Series Vinyl

"Songs for Anchorage" by Medium Build - White Label Series Vinyl

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We have an extremely limited amount of hand-numbered copies leftover from Joyful Noise's White Label Series subscription. "Songs for Anchorage" by Medium Build is a completely acoustic collection of songs.

**Please note that shipping will take 4-5 weeks**


  • Gimme Back My Soul
  • Especially Me
  • Atom
  • Give Myself Away
  • Rage


  • comeonback
  • Faded Blue
  • Yoke
  • The Day Forgives

Mixed by: Nate Cain

Mastered by: Laiko

Cover art by: Quinn Christopherson


The Joyful Noise 'White Label Series' exists to bring attention to the under-appreciated musicians of the world. It's too easy for brilliant music to be overlooked in this content-saturated world of ours, and as a result countless amazing albums are never properly released — doomed to exist only in the remote regions of bandcamp or soundcloud...

To combat that trend, we have lined up twelve artist-curators to choose their favorite unknown / under-appreciated artist to release on limited edition vinyl. Each month the White Label Series features a new full-length album, hand-picked by one of our curators. 

White Label releases are limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (pressed on black vinyl, with plain white labels), packaged in our series die-cut jackets, with some minimal artwork from the band and a statement from the month's curator. All albums include a digital download in WAV and MP3.

Over the past two years this series has produced a ton of amazing music, and has even helped some careers along the way. We genuinely strive for this series to be a force of positivity in the often cripplingly-morally-bankrupt music industry. You can take a look back at the past WLS releases here: